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Through my years as an equine physiotherapist it became apparent that saddle fit plays quite a significant role in the soundness of the horse.

To that end I decided to further my knowledge of saddlery and their affect on the horses back by training as a saddle fitter.

When I was given the opportunity to train under David Johnson Master Saddler and Hannah Griffths of Horses First I jumped at the chance.  The result is that coupled with my physio background I am able to offer an extensive understanding of saddles and their interaction with the horses back . The synergy of the two is so very important in the well being of our four legged friends.

My aim through muscular skeletal assessment, nutritional advice and correct saddle fitting is to provide a holistic approach, leaving both horse and owner happy, fit and content for years to come.

I offer both new and second hand saddles. All new saddles are sold on a made to measure basis to ensure perfect fit for both horse and rider. I work with a range of Saddle makers so I am able to offer many options for all eventualities and budget. I am also a qualified Saddle Company Saddle Fitter and Supplier and am therefore able to also offer an adjusting and re-flocking service of SC saddles on site. The re-flocking and adjusting of leather panelled saddles is possible. the saddles will be taken off site to do so.

If your horse is showing signs of being uncomfortable under saddle or displaying negative behaviour such as bucking, rearing or backing up it might well be time to have your saddle looked at, or if you need referral work from vets and Physio/Osteo/chiropractors who feel the saddle may be causing an issue please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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    Helen Long
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    Based in Haslemere

    Areas Covered:

    Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex


    First 10 miles free, 40p per mile thereafter